love: running in a heatwave

[there are no photos of me running. For good reason.]

Well, the heatwave itself (apparently we’re on wave #3 for this summer so far) isn’t the draw, so much as the feeling that is starting to build that I don’t just want  to run, but I feel bad if I don’t. I’m starting to like the focus, the rhythm, the achievement, and the very literal burn. I’ve run every now and again in the past, but I was a champion excuse-maker (bad weather, bad shoes, bad timing…). Of those, the only one that I’ve actually taken steps to solve is the bad shoes/equipment. It made a huuuuge difference to go down to JackRabbit and get fitted, on a treadmill, for proper shoes to correct my inward-leaning arches. Nagging ankle and shin pain? Gone. I feel properly supported and secure.

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love: happy new year!

Fullest of moons

Happy new year, loyal blog readers, if you’re out there?! We’re currently having the most beautiful, unseasonally sunny and warm weather in New York; after a cold snap on Tuesday that made me run home and buy a bright red down-filled coat from Brooklyn Industries (on sale, everyone, and highly regarded by People Who Know), it is balmy April weather all around. So for once we took advantage, and went for a walk in Central Park to reacquaint ourselves with New York after what seems like a really long time away in England. Some pictures…

Welcome back.
Skaters, of course.
Did I mention it was a beautiful day?
No, seriously. It's January.
A handsome, literary gentleman. The park's full of 'em.
Starlings in flight
No idea *what* these knobbly little fruits (?) are...
Time Warner Center at dusk

love: hammocks in the park

It’s insanely hot in New York right now, even for my lizard-blooded self, so it’s not exactly hammock weather. But last weekend, which was warm, overcast and breezy, was perfect for a little riverside lounging. We snagged one of the little row of hammocks in my new favorite park, Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City, and, well, it was a pretty nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The hammocks are low to the ground and pretty swingy – it took some shifting about to get comfortable, and you have to be fairly in synch if you’re going to share. But it’s worth it. Come on, it’s a HAMMOCK.

Handy tree for chaining the bikes
Smarty-pants hammock-sharer
Cloud-gazing from the hammock

love: fourth of july

Monday 4th was a bonus: a warm day, and a relaxed extension to an already pretty chill weekend (at least for me – I met a big deadline late last week and have been recovering, but T is in full-on high-gear work mode, preparing for the Trivia Championships of North America in Vegas this weekend, in addition to everything else.) But by the late afternoon, we were free to get the bikes out once again and head over to our friends Nick and Dana’s apartment in Woodside, to consume our share of the July 4th American Hot Dog Mountain. We could hear fireworks but not see anything, so we watched a lovely sunset and listened to what sounded like distant gunfire.

Pink sunset over Queens
Liberty, Budweiser and American Spirit.
Gonzo the watermelon-hound


Twinkling lights
BBQ aftermath

love: fitz & the tantrums


We braved an overcast sky to head to Central Park on Saturday for a fantastic free show by the LA retro-soul band Fitz & the Tantrums. The sun won out, it was baking hot and they played a killer show. This is their ridiculously catchy single, ‘MoneyGrabber’:

love: paris

Red bench, grey cobbles

1. The inspiration: the 2006 ensemble movie Paris Je t’Aime. From the silly to the sublime, there are 20 five-minute films, each set in a neighbourhood of Paris. I loved Walter Salles & Daniela Thomas’s ‘Loin du 16ème’ and Alexander Payne’s ’14ème Arrondissement’ which had me bawling.

2. Saveur Magazine’s French picnic menu. Summer in Paris is all about the pique-nique, on the Pont des Arts or the banks of the Seine.

3. Via Chocolate & Zucchini and Paris by Mouth, the announcement of the hotly contested top ten baguettes in Paris. Au Levain d’Antan, 6 Rue d’Abbesses in Montmartre, will supply the president with his daily bread for the rest of the year.

4. Inès de la Fressange’s new book Parisian Chic, bound in red leather and full of cutesy drawings, is the latest how-to-be-French guide for sad lumpen Anglo-Saxons. I snark, but I will admit to being a sucker for this stuff.

5. I absolutely love the Paris Color Project over at Little Brown Pen. I bought a bunch of their miniature calendars for friends last Christmas, and there are beautiful postcards and prints in their Etsy store.

love: ribbons on slate (the new design*sponge)

Image from the new D*S home page

Though she hardly needs little me to praise her, I wanted to highlight the stunning new redesign that Grace and her team have pulled off over at Design*Sponge – and they’re finally at as well. Change always takes me a while, and though this looks quite different – both darker and more girly, somehow – it suits the grown-up site. Unlike certain other recent redesigns (hi, Gawker!), the site – both its current and older content – is now much easier to navigate.
Design*sponge was one of the first design blogs I ever discovered, before I knew what such a thing was, and it’s been a daily visit ever since and one of my abiding inspirations for my own little corner of the interwebs. Congratulations!

love: not-so-royal wedding

Two of my best friends in the world got hitched on Wednesday at City Hall, in glorious sunshine and fine style. They have renovated the building so there’s a separate wedding area, and you no longer have to wait along with all the people paying parking tickets. Here are a few of my favourite pictures. Check out that cherry blossom.

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