Santas of Astoria

Around the neighborhood on a mild grey Christmas day. (New lens!)

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look: paths of desire

Spring in NYC is doing its best to make up for the cold and the slush, and it might be overcompensating – the weekend has been gorgeous, and Central Park joyously overrun. On a long walk a few days ago, I passed this installation that’s down at 60th & Fifth, by Tatiana Trouvé, a Polish-born, Paris-based sculptor (can that be her real name?) Giant spools of colored rope map all the possible paths through the park. Continue reading

explore: santa monica

I have a soft spot for Santa Monica. In 2011, after the last MLA interview I’ll ever do, Tony and I celebrated his Sunday birthday by getting a bus from downtown LA, where we were staying at the Biltmore, to Santa Monica. The bus, which was beautifully shiny and new, cost about a dollar, and took an hour or so, winding through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and past all kinds of shiny monumental buildings, before letting us out by the sea. Continue reading

taste: cold poached salmon & pimm’s

Pimm’s is the taste of a British summer, and any pub will serve it by the jug once the weather heats up. Every end-of-term summer party at Cambridge was a shameless Pimm’s-fest, usually mixed strong and sweet with garden of fruit in it, strawberries, citrus, and herbs. The one non-negotiable, in my book, is cucumber, which brings out the grassiness of the drink. Continue reading