look: i see a red chair and i want to paint it black

(Because why should I be the only one with that song stuck in my head for days? Thanks for nothing, Cousin Mick.*) So, these chairs. I picked them up–back when they were purple–from the street the first year of grad school, horrifying my suburban roommate. I cleaned them up, and my room for years was green and this sort of deep pinkish mauve. Then a few years later I painted them red, using leftover paint from our kitchen, and then yesterday I painted them black. Perhaps this is the inevitable sombering & darkening passage of time, or perhaps we just had too many colors going on in the living room, and much as I love the classic bentwood shape of these chairs, my patchy red-on-purple paint job was beginning to wear. So $17 later, we had a quart of glossy black paint (specially designed for painting over multiple layers of paint – Rustoleum brand, I believe) a brush, a sheet of sandpaper (the sanding was cursory at best) and then, a little later, these:


Please to excuse crappy iPad photography. But trust me, they are much better, and basically indistinguishable from these hundred-dollar bad boys from Crate & Barrel. Thank you, bountiful person of 112th Street. I like “free” much better. And I don’t mind a few brush strokes.

*Cousin Mick = Mick Jagger, my dad’s second cousin. For real!