taste: caesar salad (again)


I’ve written about Caesar Salad before, but this was my attempt at Bon Appétit’s recent no-messing real version. If you don’t want raw egg and anchovy in your Caesar, well, you’re in the wrong aisle. Pre-packaged mayonnaise is thataway.

Since I didn’t have six people to feed, I cut their recipe in half, used regular green lettuce and some thinly shredded red cabbage, some ends of a baguette I had in the freezer (semi-thawed, tossed in oil and fried until they set off the fire alarm), cut the oil down and increased the lemon juice. Oh, and threw some anchovy chunks into the salad, because anchovies are so wrong they’re so, so right. What I’m saying is I played this by ear until I got a smooth dressing that knocked us into next week. It’s strong. It’s really strong.  I won’t venture my own version, because raw eggs and fear, but I urge you to try BA’s.