taste: julia child’s clafoutis

So, obviously, since I was just in Paris (I swear, those pictures are coming) I am even more obsessed with French cooking than I was before. I’m trying to master Julia Child’s French omelette recipe, which you can watch on Youtube here. No amount of transcription or description could do it justice; you just have to watch and learn how to swirl and then jerk the pan just so. I sprinkled mine with dill rather than parsley because that’s what I had (my cookbook will  be called That’s Just What I Had in the Fridge: What? It’s Just As Good, And I’m Too Lazy to Go to the Shop)–and it was delicious, although I am still, apparently, too tentative in my wrist action. I shall have to do as JC preaches, and practice with a panful of dried beans.

Anyway, I had no video for this, and was short one egg and a blender, so this is not the glorious puffy clafoutis it should be. More of a claflatis. But it is tart and berry-saturated and I am looking forward to it for breakfast tomorrow:


Here’s the New York Times recipe that adapts JC, which I followed to the letter except for being short an egg and using a hand whisk instead of a blender. Don’t do either of those things! As usual, I also pulled back a bit on the sugar, so this packs a pretty intense blueberry punch in a chewy, creamy, custardy base.


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