love: running in a heatwave

[there are no photos of me running. For good reason.]

Well, the heatwave itself (apparently we’re on wave #3 for this summer so far) isn’t the draw, so much as the feeling that is starting to build that I don’t just want  to run, but I feel bad if I don’t. I’m starting to like the focus, the rhythm, the achievement, and the very literal burn. I’ve run every now and again in the past, but I was a champion excuse-maker (bad weather, bad shoes, bad timing…). Of those, the only one that I’ve actually taken steps to solve is the bad shoes/equipment. It made a huuuuge difference to go down to JackRabbit and get fitted, on a treadmill, for proper shoes to correct my inward-leaning arches. Nagging ankle and shin pain? Gone. I feel properly supported and secure.

It was also worth the investment to get a decent sports bra from Moving Comfort. Other things – shorts, shoes, t-shirt, visor – all that is gravy (specifically: Old Navy.) Of course I’ll take any excuse to browse the fancier stock at Athleta and LuluLemon (and Athleta does have good sales) but there’s no reason to spend $60 on a shirt.

The other thing, besides fashion, that’s keeping my running spirits up is geekery. I was skeptical about Runkeeper at first, but it’s nice enough to email you a big blue star for your personal best, and it lets you track your pace, map your route, and look at all kinds of other nerdy statistics. I also joined Earndit, which you can link up with Runkeeper, and which gives you points that you can put towards gift cards and discounts on all kinds of stuff (a lot of energy bars, but also clothes, toiletries, and gadgets.) It’s totally silly but I value even a computer-generated pat on the back. Finally, I’m combining running with the Pushup Challenge at Budge. I get a text message every morning telling me a sequence of push-ups to do, and even though I started not able to do one, I’m now doing – more than one. I’m still not doing them exactly right, I don’t think, but baby steps (towards Michelle Obama arms), right?

All that said, I think today is going to be a day for the swimming pool. I’m not crazy, and it’s threatening over 100 degrees today.


One thought on “love: running in a heatwave

  1. I started doing the couch to 5K program right before the heat kicked in. I’m not too far off schedule though and I’m liking it so far. I too went to JackRabbit a year ago in another burst of running enthusiasm, so at least my feet are properly kitted out. I’ll have to check out RunKeeper…

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