zombie blog: raising LS from the dead

Dear reader(s?),

I’m sorry for leaving you all hanging, with nothing but scrambled eggs for company lo these many months. Let’s just say I fell into the Busy Trap, and I sincerely hope your breakfasts in the meantime were delicious. But it’s time to resurrect, and Lifesavour 2.0 is here! I’m hoping to post more frequently, about more savour-able things, from books to cocktails to travel to music to random pictures snapped on Instagram in the backyard of local bars:

backyard lanterns at Sweet Afton, Astoria

I’ll still be writing occasionally about food and sharing recipes, but in the full realization that the internet is full of people doing that much better than I do, and I have no desire to write a cookbook or open a restaurant. I am testing out the theoretical blog equation shorter + simpler = more frequent.

I also want to use this space to share a little more about my transition from full-time academia to a precarious but exciting mix of freelance writing, editing, and teaching. Inspired by the lovely and talented Brittney G., I might even share a piece of a story every now and again.

It’s good to be back.


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