love: happy new year!

Fullest of moons

Happy new year, loyal blog readers, if you’re out there?! We’re currently having the most beautiful, unseasonally sunny and warm weather in New York; after a cold snap on Tuesday that made me run home and buy a bright red down-filled coat from Brooklyn Industries (on sale, everyone, and highly regarded by People Who Know), it is balmy April weather all around. So for once we took advantage, and went for a walk in Central Park to reacquaint ourselves with New York after what seems like a really long time away in England. Some pictures…

Welcome back.
Skaters, of course.
Did I mention it was a beautiful day?
No, seriously. It's January.
A handsome, literary gentleman. The park's full of 'em.
Starlings in flight
No idea *what* these knobbly little fruits (?) are...
Time Warner Center at dusk

3 thoughts on “love: happy new year!

  1. I love the pictures, is there a beautiful literary genlewomen to go with the handsome literary gentleman?


  2. Lovely photos, Jo – and great news about the literary gentleman’s celebrity status! Enjoy his birthday – and don’t fall over! Mumx

  3. one loyal blog reader here! looks beautiful. Glad you’re back to the blogosphere 🙂 thanks for visiting us!!

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