taste: the great leek forward

Inspired by brunch at The Sparrow – a great local bar across from the famous beer garden on 29th Street – this is less a recipe than a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? assemblage of some of my favourite ingredients: leeks, cheese, and eggs. Leeks seem to be popping up on a lot of menus at the moment, insofar as I keep track of these things, which is not much – a development I am heartily behind. While they are great as a side with butter and a warm spice like ginger or nutmeg, this dish is even simpler and puts the leeks front and center. Plugs the leeks, if you will (you shouldn’t, it only encourages me. See title of post.) This makes enough for a hearty brunch for two.


brunch of champions

Rinse* and chop 2 large leeks. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil, or a mix of oil and butter for a slightly more decadent version, in a large sauté pan, and add the leeks. Season and let them cook, with the lid on at first, until soft and barely browned.

Meanwhile, fry or poach two eggs per person.

Thinly slice or grate approx. 4oz Fontina or similar melting cheese.

When the eggs are cooked to your liking, simply pile up leeks, top with fontina and slide the eggs on top. Season with salt and plenty of fresh ground pepper. Easy!

*Leeks do have a tendency to hide mud and dirt in their tight layers. Give them a thorough going-over before you chop, or you can sit and swish the chopped pieces in a bowl of water for a minute to make sure they’re clean.


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