love: smart as paint


Sunshine and white walls

This makes me so happy. On Friday we dismantled, painted, scrubbed and re-mantled our kitchen, covering up the dingy, dirty off-white with spanking new bright white Benjamin Moore eggshell. The kitchen looks out on a wonderful vista of brick wall, and gets about twenty minutes of daylight, so this brightens everything up and shows off the Steve Keene paintings (set decor T. picked up after a play in the East Village, back in the day.)


Coffee & Keene

I also love Chef Guevara, blessing the stove.


Chef Guevara

I still want a new window blind (white) and a shade for the bare overhead bulb, and geez, those speaker cords look terrible. But for now: this makes me so happy.


2 thoughts on “love: smart as paint

  1. Wow, this looks open, inviting and warm. It’s the first time I’ve seen the kitchen in order (I haven’t been to the house in many a year.).
    I’d love to see more of the house and the transformation to a home.

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