explore: wrightsville beach, nc

This is not the most accurate ‘explore’ post, since I did very little exploring on my recent trip to Wrightsville Beach – as befits spring break with one’s bff and boy-ff, it involved rather more sitting around the house, reading magazines, yelling at the idiots on HGTV, eating seafood and drinking wine out of boxes. Nevertheless, I did take some pretty photographs of the bracing and fabulous beach, the sunset from the upstairs balcony, and assorted sea critters from Motts Seafood (our crustacean smorgasbord, seafood fest 2011, merits its own post.)

We flew from NYC into the geographically specific Wilmington Airport (“Welcome to Southeastern North Carolina”) – a half-hour drive from the beach – and out again from Raleigh, allowing us to enjoy some BBQ and war memorials (confederate and otherwise) on our way home. We ate at the fantastic, fragrant Pit in downtown Raleigh, and I highly recommend you do the same, if you’re ever in town.

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4 thoughts on “explore: wrightsville beach, nc

  1. AW FAB!!! Love the photos! How do you manage to position yourself in these locales so frequently? Do tell the secrets. The luxe, the calme, the volupte!

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