explore: museum of the moving image

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A few pictures from the big (re-)opening weekend at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria (35th Avenue at 37th Street.) We went to explore the museum, which is hands-on and very kid-friendly, with exhibits in the permanent collection that let you do things like re-dub the soundtrack to a film and edit video (making it a bit of a busman’s day out for our friend Sam, a professional video editor.) The temporary exhibition ‘Real Virtuality’ – six art installations incorporating video technology – was fun, especially Bill Viola’s interactive video game. There is a fabulously sci-fi new cinema to which my photo does not do justice, especially its gorgeous multi-coloured trompe l’oeil curtain. We saw a restored, albeit slightly glitchy print of 2001: A Space Odyssey there (verdict: wow!-what?-zzz…-wow!!-zzz…whatwow?!-WHAT????’), and followed it up with burgers at the new Five Napkin Burger across the way (verdict: not as good as any of the other fancy-burger joints in the ‘hood, and a misnomer – only one napkin each! Good beer and cool interior, if you don’t mind meathooks hanging over your head, but better to walk the few blocks to Sweet Afton or Bare Burger.)

Anyway, the museum is definitely worth the trip over the river, and the directors’ decision to show Play Time and 2001 as their opening-day double-bill (and all the other Tati they have lined up) bodes well for our membership.


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