A new month and a new plan

I find it oddly satisfying when a new month begins on a Monday; especially a Monday after a somewhat crazy weekend of Halloweening and rallying for the cause of sanity. My plan is to harness this double-new start for a new plan to make the most of my Bon Appetit subscription.

I hereby commit to making at least one dish each month from the current issue; if it goes well, I might do the same for the magazine known in our house as [Is] Martha Stewart Living[?] The caveats – no easy pasta recipes I could figure out by myself. The dishes should be a decent challenge in some way, whether by a new ingredient or an unfamiliar technique. First up: Panang Chicken Curry – one of the few dishes this month that is not Thanksgiving-related. Recipe and report to come.


One thought on “A new month and a new plan

  1. hey jo,
    loving the blog – feels like you are nearer! Funnily enough just watched the film “julie and julia” with Meryl Streep – have you seen it? Am trying to be inspired in my cooking too – just done Halloween biscuits with Ruby – very fun 🙂 I hope we will be able to catch up at Xmas
    love from Lucy, (and of course Will and Ruby Roo!) x

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