explore: wine tasting in greenport, li

I got to go out to the North Fork of Long Island this weekend, to celebrate a friend’s upcoming wedding with wine, a gang of fabulous ladies, more wine, an amazing dinner, and a reasonable dose of terrible dancing.  We toured four wineries (Corey Creek, Lenz, Jamesport, and Sherwood House) in the most ridiculous white stretch…vehicle…thing… (Escalade? Hummer? I didn’t arrange this, nor do I drive) which was hands down the silliest and awesomest way I have ever been picked up from a small town train station. Here are a few pictures of the wineries and their amazing gardens.


In-your-face Bedell rosé at Corey Creek


The weather was hot, grey and rainy, but cleared up enough later in the afternoon for us to sit outside at Jamesport.


The wineries were all beautifully landscaped, with all the Adirondack chairs you could want. Although there are lots of people passing through on tours, they’d also be lovely places to spend an afternoon (or a wedding, which they all host, if you happen to have one meeeeellion dollars.)


There was live music at both Lenz and Jamesport. That can be good and bad news.


Lenz hosted us in their warehouse space, and because we actually seemed interested in the wine (I guess expectations are low when you roll up in a white stretch…thing) they were nice enough to share their limited edition Old Vines merlot, which was smoky, dry, and delicious. I can’t describe wine.


Jamesport, our third stop, had an even better treat: a wood-fired pizza oven and fresh oysters. The weather obliged so that we could sit outside.

DSC_0051 DSC_0067

We sat inside at Sherwood House’s Jamesport Tasting House (apparently North Fork winery of the year) in a beautifully decorated private dining room.

DSC_0084 DSC_0085 DSC_0092DSC_0083


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2 responses to “explore: wine tasting in greenport, li

  1. Well, Jo, it looks as though your friends have their priorites in the right order! Savour every sip!

  2. The North Shore wineries know how to put on a showcase their wares. From your posts, you and your friends / team also know how to savour life.

    I’d like to leave a plug for Andrew’s business – visit FoxwoodWineCellars.com for even better wine showcases.

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